Acrylic Coating Can Make All the Difference

It may look like paint in a can and be applied using a spray gun, a roller or a brush like paint, but acrylic roof coatings are anything but. Paint isn’t designed to last on roof surfaces. Acrylic coatings, however, create a tough but flexible, monolithic membrane, with superior water-proofing qualities that can be applied to almost any type roof.

And the list of advantages doesn’t end there. Other benefits offered by acrylic roof coatings include:

  • A Cool Roof: Though available in many colors, acrylic roof coatings are most often white in color, which helps reflect heat and UV radiation. This reduces roof temperatures and helps lower air conditioning costs.
  • Durable: Acrylic coatings tolerate heavy foot traffic and remain flexible in the cold, tolerating temperatures at which point unmodified asphalt becomes brittle. The same reflective qualities that lower cooling costs also helps prevent degrading and deterioration, ensuring a longer life span and long-term savings.
  • Easy to Apply: Cleaner and safer to use than hot asphalt, acrylic adheres well to most roof types. The spray guns, rollers and brushes used to apply the liquid can be rinsed out with ease.
  • Cost Performance: Though initially costlier than asphalt, acrylic coatings have more attractive life cycle costs.

In business for almost three decades, ROOFCORP has extensive experience with acrylic roof coatings. Our associates are ready to answer any questions. Contact us today to learn how acrylic coatings can cover your roofing needs

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