Architectural Metal Roofs are Durable, Beautiful & Last A Lifetime

Today, architectural metal roofing systems are a preferred choice for buildings with steep-slope roofs when durability and weather resistance are a primary concern. The fact that they are so nice to look at is icing on the cake.

Most large commercial buildings have low-sloped or flat roofs that are better served by other roofing systems. Architectural sheet metal, however is designed to shed water quickly, and presents a host of other advantages, including:

Worry-Free and Lasting Durability: Light weight but strong, metal roofing materials can last for decades without degrading in function or appearance. Protective coatings guard against rust and weather damage. These roofs also resist fire and high winds and eliminate ice dams.

A Good Investment: Other roofing systems cost less, but architectural metal will add value to your building. Assorted colors and modern coatings are not only attractive, but provide some “cool properties” for energy savings. Minimal maintenance also provides extra savings.

Environmentally Friendly: Because these roofs can be installed over an existing roof, you can save on tear-off costs and contribute towards lowering landfill use. In addition to considerable recycled content, these roofs are also 100% recyclable when removed from service.

In business since 1985, ROOFCORP has vast experience with architectural metal panel roofing. We work with only the best vendors, ensuring exceptional quality and customer satisfaction for years to come.

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