Cools Roofs: Save Money & the Environment

A cool roof uses materials that reflect sunlight back into the sky and cools itself by efficiently emitting the radiation back into the atmosphere so less heat is conducted into the building below.

It’s a considerable accomplishment. In the heat of the full sun, the surface a black roof can reach temperatures as high as 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat spike can overwork air conditioning equipment and harm the environment.

Typically, cool roofs are those with a solar reflectance value of 0.65 or higher when new. That means 65% of the total radiant heat energy is reflected back into the atmosphere. That can significantly reduce the energy consumed cooling your building. It also provides a low-cost means of satisfying energy efficiency requirements, such California’s Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

But cool roofs offer other benefits, including:

Good for the Environment: Cool roofs address air pollution and global warming concerns by lowering CO2 and other emissions associated with fossil fuel-generated electricity used for air-conditioning.

Good Value: According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, the average energy savings from a cool roof can range from 7%-15% of total cooling costs, although other estimates are higher. Some locations offer utility rebates. Less wear and tear on air conditioning systems can prolong the life of your equipment. Also, cool roofs have a longer lifespan than the average roof, lowering maintenance costs.

Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect: This occurs when a city is hotter than the surrounding rural areas due to dark surfaces, like roofs and roads that absorb heat from the sun, and less shading vegetation. Cool roofs help mitigate the phenomenon.

Cool Comfort: Cool roofs can lessen temperature fluctuations inside a building, increasing occupant comfort.

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