Daylighting: See The Light With ROOFCORP

Anyone looking to design a building that aims to maximize comfort and reduce energy use needs to consider daylighting.

A daylighting roofing system uses natural sunlight from prismatic skylights or light tubes to illuminate the inside of a building with superior quality, full-spectrum flicker-free light, reducing, or in some cases, eliminating the need for electrical lighting during daytime hours.

For buildings with large flat roofs, the benefits can prove substantial.

How substantial? According to some estimates, daylighting can replace electric light during 70% to 80% of daylight hours, for less than $.015 per kWh over the life of the building. Given that electric lighting accounts for roughly one-third of a building’s energy costs, reducing a building’s reliance on electric lighting can slash energy costs, savings thousands of dollars a month.

But daylighting offers other benefits as well, among them:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Daylighting reduces the load on power plants, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and lessens air and water pollution, a by-product of generating electricity.
  • Puts Money In Your Pocket: The economic benefits of daylighting go well beyond reduced energy use. Building owners can earn LEED points. While reliance on electrical lighting produces heat, natural daylighting generates almost no heat, which can reduce air conditioning use. Installation costs can be recouped quickly – often in less than two years.
  • Occupant Benefits: Study after study shows that drawing natural daylight into interior spaces can help improve employee productivity and lower absenteeism, improve student test scores, and boost retail sales. Sunlight has health benefits, and creates a pleasing and attractive environment.

In business since 1985, ROOFCORP is committed to helping our clients find the best sustainable roofing solutions for their building and budget. We partner with only the best vendors and manufacturers, and ensure quality workmanship that will pay dividends for years.

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