Fluid Membranes: No Teardown Necessary

Liquid roof membranes are a type of cold-applied roof coating that offers an affordable alternative to an expensive teardown.

For decades, roofing contractors have used asphalt on flat roofs. But it’s messy and dangerous work. Acrylic, emulsion, silicone and urethane roof coatings can be used at ambient temperatures. Unlike asphalt, they are adhered using little or no heat. Instead, the material is applied to a roof and then cures to a waterproof membrane that can stretch and return to its original shape without damage.

Each coating has its own unique qualities and benefits. But in general, cold-applied fluid roofing membranes offer the following advantages:

Cost effectiveness: Able to be applied over most traditional roofing materials, liquid roofing membranes are a cost-effective way to extend the life of a roof and can make a new or existing roof waterproof and more energy efficient. According to some estimates, liquid roofing costs 70% less than roof replacement.

Safety: Unlike the installation processes for felt, asphalt or bitumen membranes, liquid roofing does not involve hot works. Hot work on roofs is a dangerous process, with unpleasant fumes, the danger of burn injuries and a significant risk of fire.

High performance: Performance life can run up to 25 years, depending on the coating system. Liquid coatings can form to irregular roof surfaces, as well as seal cracks and splits in the roof surface. Some

Warranties: Because warranties vary depending on product and manufacturer, ROOFCORP has built strong relationships with leading manufacturers such as CFS, GACO Western, APOC. These established vendors, which offer warranties that can run up to several decades, provide guarantees to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

In business for almost three decades, ROOFCORP specializes in cold-applied roof coatings, and partners with the best vendors and suppliers, ensuring quality and satisfaction for years down the road.

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