The Beauty of Garden Roofing

Centuries old, the roof garden concept has been most recently embraced in Europe, but it is gaining traction in the United States with roughly 8.5 million square feet installed. Both functional and aesthetically-appealing, this technology helps reduce energy use while adding much needed plant life in populated areas.

It also generates substantial financial gains for building owners.

Also called a green roof, garden roofing is a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop. It can be installed on a wide range of buildings, from industrial facilities to private residences. And they can be as simple as a 2-inch covering of hardy groundcover on a waterproof membrane, or as complex as a fully accessible park complete with trees.

It provides shade and removes heat from the air, while also helping to cool the roof surface, where temperatures can spike as much as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That means spending less to cool the building below and mitigating the urban heat island effect, a phenomenon in densely populated areas like cities.

Roof gardens also meet the objectives of many of the mandates to improve the air quality of cities, and can earn LEED credits.

The advantages don’t stop here, and go on to include:

  • Good Investment: While the initial costs of garden roofs are higher than those of conventional materials, building owners can offset the difference with lower energy bills, downsizing HVAC equipment and reduced storm water management costs. There are local, state and federal tax incentives to be had. Also, the vegetation protects the underlying membranes to significantly extend roof life.
  • Adds Value: Garden roofs not only make a building more attractive, they add usable space and boost property value.
  • Improve Comfort: Reducing heat transfer through the roof can improve indoor comfort and lower heat stress associated with heat waves. These roofs can also lower rooftop noise infiltration by as much as 40dB.
  • Last But Not Least, the Environment: Garden roofs improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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