The Latest Leak Detection Methods Save Time & Money

Leaky roofs cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars annually, causing damage that ranges from unsightly water stains to life-threatening roof collapse.

Commercial buildings, with their flat roofs, can be especially problematic. The National Roofing Contractors Association estimates up to 40% of flat roofs develop serious problems within the first year after installation.

Yet finding a leak is no easy task. A visual inspection can’t uncover every problem. Water can travel a great distance before entering the interior of a building. Also, traditional testing methods can be time-consuming and actually damage the roof.

New non-invasive technologies avoid these problems, saving time and money while locating even small fissures. ROOFCORP uses only the best leak-detection methods. When it comes to protecting your investment, we never compromise.

Among our leak-detection methods:

  • Thermal Imaging: Fast and non-invasive, thermal scans are used to locate wet insulation, which is a telltale sign of a failing roof system and reduces a building’s energy efficiency. Obtaining accurate infrared images is limited, however, by the ability of the surface being scanned to emit heat energy.
  • Electronic scanning: This method uses high voltage but low amperage. One electrical lead is connected to the roof decking, and the other is attached to a measuring device resembling a push broom that is “swept” across the roof’s surface. Any moisture or breach in the membrane will complete the circuit between the measuring device and the roof deck.
  • Electric Field Mapping: Developed in the early 1990s, electric field mapping uses lower voltages and is unique in its ability to test the integrity of waterproofing membranes with overburden or ballast. This testing method can be used on vertical, sloped or flat surfaces, as well as green roofing systems, locating leaks and breaches with pinpoint accuracy.

Remember, small leaks become big problems. Contact ROOFCORP today to learn about our cost-effective solutions to your roofing troubles.

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