What Is Renewable Energy?

Today, ‘renewable’ and ‘non-renewable’ refer to the type of resources used to produce energy. Non-renewable energy resources are fossil-fuels: gasoline, coal, oil, natural gas, diese, and so forth and are considered ‘non-renewable’ because once they are depleted it takes a long time for natural processes to replenish these resources and the right conditions..

Renewable energy resources, however, are naturally re-occurring and replenished sources, such as solar energy, wind power, hydropower and geothermal heat generated from below the earth’s surface. This energy is considered free energy since no fuels are used to produce it, a golden opportunity given spiking oil prices and ever rising utility rates.

But the benefits of renewable energy go beyond lower energy costs, and include:

No harmful waste is produced so the environmental impact is diminished.

Improve national security by reducing dependency on imported fossil-fuels. It has been a federal government goal to move the United States towards energy independence since the Carter Administration.

Most renewable energy production does not produce carbon emissions, which are a direct contributor to greenhouse gases that hurt the Earth’s air and climate. Roughly one-quarter of the carbon emissions in the United States come from the fossil-fuel based power sector.

Although the upfront costs of installing these systems can be considerable, an array of renewable regulations and tax incentives aim to encourage the development and deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

ROOFCORP is committed to the renewable energy movement, providing a variety of photovoltaic roofing systems to industrial, commercial, residential, institutional and government clients that are tailored directly to their needs and the characteristics of the facilities.

We have the ability and knowledge to help you navigate through the many options available and are committed to providing solutions that may recapture the cost of your investment.

ROOFCORP can work with your organization or business to help you determine if a photovoltaic system is the right road to travel. Simply contact us today.

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