A Fixation on Safety That Saves You Money

ROOFCORP never compromises on safety. Since opening our doors in 1985, our commitment to maintaining safe job sites is equaled only by our reputation for providing the best roofing services to our customers.

Why is this important? The very roof that protects your offices, your employees, your tenants, your vendors and your visitors is our workplace. As the building owner, you share ultimate responsibility and liability for the people on and under that roof.

ROOFCORP estimators, foremen and roofers bring more than two centuries of combined industry experience to every project. We never use subcontractors. We own all the equipment necessary to deliver, hoist and load materials and bring down debris in a safe and clean manner.

Also our emphasis on continued employee education plays a key role in the excellent safety record of our operations.

How good is that record? ROOFCORP’s safety experience modification factor – a metric used to calculate workers’ compensation insurance premiums — is below 100%, resulting in discounted insurance costs that we pass on to you.

Quality control, safety and contract compliance are monitored daily by real-time video. Clients have access to ROOFCORP‘s video surveillance through the internet. Log on and monitor our progress and performance.

Our experience is long and storied. In just a few calls, you’ll get information on dozens of jobs and confirmation of our dedication to workplace safety.

ROOFCORP covers all your roofing needs. Contact us today to hear how we can successfully bring your project to completion.

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