Solar Roofing Systems: Big Costs But Big Benefits

In the drive to encourage the wider use of alternative energy sources, solar energy is at the forefront.

As the name implies, solar energy refers primarily to the use of solar radiation for practical ends that can include lighting and heating buildings. Among the methods and technologies available, photovoltaic roofing systems are perhaps the most widely known and consist of solar panels arranged in arrays that produce electricity from exposure to the sun’s radiant energy.

It can be an expensive endeavor despite the falling prices for solar cells. And for some commercial and institutional buildings, the up-front cost can be prohibitive. But if you do want to go solar, there are simple, straightforward guidelines to consider before making a final decision.

Nothing should be overlooked, including the array of benefits offered by solar roofing systems, which include:

  • Like other types of renewable energy, solar energy is a naturally re-occurring and replenished energy source. In short, the supply never runs out.
  • Solar energy contributes to a building’s energy efficiency by reducing energy waste, lowering utility bills and reducing dependence on fossil-fuel for energy production.
  • A variety of financial incentives are available to home and building owners that can help defray the cost of a solar roof over the long term. Besides improving property values, property owners can benefit from federal and state tax incentives as well as inducements from local power companies. In the states of California, Washington and Oregon, state-sponsored incentives include cash-back payments, low-interest loans, income tax credits and sales tax exemptions.

More questions? Check out the answer to frequently asked questions about solar roofing. And use ROOFCORP’s solar glossary to understand the most commonly-used solar power words, terms and definitions.

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