SPF Delivers Big Benefits

Spray polyurethane foam, also called SPF, is a spray-applied insulation that has been used as a roofing material in the United States since the 1960s. It is regarded for creating durable, long-lasting roof systems.

Constructed by mixing and spraying a two-part liquid directly onto the substrate, SPF forms the base of an adhered roof system. It can be installed in various thicknesses to provide slope or meet a specific thermal resistance (R-value). A protective surfacing guards against the elements, and can be reapplied every 10 to 15 years to extend the roof’s life span. Mineral granules or sand may be added to the coating to increase surface durability and aesthetic value.

SPF is widely valued as insulation, and eliminates thermal bridging through fasteners or gaps in decking. This roofing system excels where the roof substrate has many penetrations, a lightweight material is needed or the roof deck is an unusual shape.

But SPF has other advantages, including:

  • Resistance: Tested by the Factory Mutual Research Center, SPF roofing systems demonstrated excellent resistance against wind, fire and hail damage.
  • Environmentally Friendly: SPF contains no formaldehyde or ozone-depleting chemicals. It helps conserve energy, thereby reducing global warming gases. SPF also contributes LEED credits for sustainable, green construction.
  • Value: SPF roofing systems are cost competitive with other roofing systems. Its excellent insulation efficiency can dramatically reduce heating and cooling bills. HVAC equipment can be down-sized, thereby reducing construction costs.
  • Health & Comfort: SPF improves indoor air quality by reducing the infiltration of outside air pollutants and can reduce moisture condensation and mold growth. SPF also reduces drafts and increases comfort by helping to maintain a constant temperature throughout the building.

Because foam roofs are extremely sensitive and proper application is dependent upon the crew installing the system, it is critical to utilize a contractor with foam roof installation expertise. In business since 1985, ROOFCORP works with only the best vendors. Our highly trained associates guarantee workmanship and quality that will last for years.

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