Find the Steep-Slope System That’s Right For You

While flat roofs are economical to build, the benefits of a steep-slope roof can’t be ignored.

Often used in residential construction, steep-slope roofs have a pitch that exceeds 3:12, or 45 degrees. They are assembled in three parts — a wooden structural substrate called a deck, an underlayment that provides a secondary barrier and finally a roof covering composed of overlapping shingles or tiles made from a variety of water-shedding materials.

Although there are six general types of steep-slope roofs, ROOFCORP specializes in asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tiles and synthetic shingles.

Granted, the cost of material and labor can make steep-slope roofs a bit more expensive. They are pleasing to the eye, however, and the higher slope not only prevents water from pooling but creates more space underneath for storage, extra bedrooms or offices.

And the list of benefits doesn’t end there. Other advantages include:

  • Long Lifespan: A steep-slope roof lasts longer than other installation methods. According to some estimates, these roofs have up to a 50% longer lifespan and require less maintenance, saving building owners money over the long term.
  • It Protects Against More Than Leaks: Steep-slope roofs swiftly shed water and  lower the risk of debris buildup and mold or mildew proliferation. The roofs also help defend against wind uplift.
  • Warm & Cold Climates: Cold construction of a steep-slope roof can benefit structures in both cold and warm climates. With a “cold roof “assembly, air flows in at the eave and out at the ridge. In cold climates, this prevents the buildup of potentially hazardous ice dams. In warm climates, the cold construction of a steep-slope roof reduces heat transfer, lowering energy usage.

In business since 1985, ROOFCORP works with only the best vendors. Add to that our commitment to workmanship and quality, and we can deliver roofing solutions suited to any project and budget.

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