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Spray-on Roof Coating 101

Spray-on Roof Coating 101

Before spending more money on roof repairs or getting a new system, consider roof restoration. A spray-on roof coating is a great solution for structures that are still functional but need intensive care to improve their performance.

Key Points

  • Spray roof coatings restore old, damaged roofs.
  • Your roof system must pass an inspection to confirm it’s eligible for a spray coating.
  • Spray-on roof coatings are compatible with most materials as long as they’re in good condition.
  • Spray coatings offer several benefits, including affordability, UV resistance, and a longer service life for your roof.
  • ROOFCORP’s silicone spray coating solutions are an excellent choice for qualifying roofs.

What Is a Spray Coating?

A spray coating is a flat roof sealant applied to the top surface of the roofing system. It’s also known as a silicone restoration membrane (SRM) since the monolithic covering is essentially silicone metal, one of the most common elements on earth. Once it’s sprayed onto the surface, it creates a seamless and impermeable layer that serves as a protective barrier.

Rain, high heat, strong winds, and other outdoor elements are destructive to commercial roofs. Spray coatings combat damage with excellent flat roof waterproofing. The liquid substance fills in cracks and fixes imperfections to offer long-lasting protection, making major roof leaks a thing of the past.

Spray-on roof coatings have the same consistency as paint but are much thicker. Depending on the weather, they could take 8 to 24 hours to dry. Once the coating is completely dry, property owners have a durable roofing system they can rely on for years to come.

Is My Roof Eligible for a Spray-on Roof Coating?

Roof restoration is not the most effective choice for every building. When the damage is extensive, your roof has multiple leaks, or the underlayment is too far gone, professional roofing contractors will advise you to get a roof replacement as the safer and more cost-efficient option. However, if your roof only has minor imperfections, you might consider getting a spray-on roof coating.

Spray-on roof coatings are compatible with a wide variety of commercial flat roofs. If you have metal, modified bitumen, EPDM, or TPO roofing, your structure may qualify for a restorative spray-on roof coating. First, roofing contractors perform a standard interior and exterior inspection. Next, they conduct an infrared inspection to check for any saturated areas. If your roof’s insulation is intact and at least 75% dry, it qualifies for a spray-on roof coating.

What Are the Benefits of Spray-on Roof Coatings?

A spray-on roof coating is a feasible solution that can save you thousands of dollars. Plus, it puts an end to back-to-back roof repairs, which are financially draining as well. There are several advantages to investing in spray-on roof coatings, including:

Simple Application

Since there’s no tear-off necessary, the application process for spray-on roof coatings is much quicker and easier than other roofing projects. If contractors find areas of saturation, those areas are removed or replaced. Then, the surface is power washed to remove any debris or contaminants. Next, the roofing membrane seams are reinforced with mesh and coating.

After the preliminary measures are complete, contractors can spray on the silicone membrane from corner to corner to cover the entire surface. Once they’re finished applying the spray coating, the roof must pass one last inspection from a third party or a manufacturer’s representative to verify that all the necessary precautions and steps were followed correctly.

Energy Efficiency

Spray-on silicone reflects more sunlight than it absorbs, which is why ENERGY STAR recognizes it as a certified cool roof. Spray coatings reflect up to 90% of sun rays, keeping the roof’s surface cooler even in the hottest temperatures. Since the surface doesn’t overheat, the building’s indoor temperatures are also more comfortable. This means that property owners can rely less on their AC and reduce their monthly energy bills.

Cost Effectiveness

Spray-on roofs are about half the cost of roof replacements, which require labor-intensive tear-offs that take longer and are more disruptive. Since less material is needed and the process involves fewer tools and contractors, spray-on roof coatings are a much more affordable option. Also, spray-on roof coatings shield underlying materials from harmful weather conditions, slowing down the roof degradation process. Natural wear and tear is inevitable for all roofs, but since spray coatings provide flat roof waterproofing and superior UV protection, property owners will spend less on repairs and maintenance later on.


Spray-on roof coatings strengthen your structure because they’re resistant to cracks, peeling, and mold. Since spray-on roof coatings are less susceptible to damage, they eliminate the need for frequent maintenance, repairs, or a replacement any time soon. Plus, the waterproof membrane locks out moisture to provide outstanding insulation. This all contributes to higher and longer-lasting functionality, extending your roof’s service life by 20 years.

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ROOFCORP Revitalizes Your Roof for Long-Term Functionality

No business owner wants to deal with roofing issues, but it’s best not to put them on the backburner. Roof failure or severe problems can lead to lost productivity and financial strain. The sooner you call the professionals to address roofing worries, the better.

If your commercial flat roof needs restoration, repairs, or replacement, ROOFCORP is here to help. We’ve transformed the most damaged roofs into high-functioning structures that provide dependable protection. There’s no challenge too complex for us to conquer. Don’t give up on your commercial roof system. Call to schedule your appointment today and leave it to our experienced professionals.