Urethane Coating

Applied using spray equipment, brushes or rollers, urethane coatings are typically used on built-up, concrete, foam and weathered single-ply roofs exposed to pollutants and offer an alternative to expensive re-roofing projects. Urethane is also valued for its tensile strength and allows the coating to expand and contract with the roof system.

Not all products are UV protective and therefore may require a top coat. But urethane roof coatings do offer some specific benefits, among them:

Long Life: With a service life of eight to 12 years, urethane offers the longest service life of any roof coating options. It can be used as a top or base coat.

Aromatic vs. Aliphatic: Urethane roof coatings are broken down into two categories – aromatic and aliphatic formulations. Though aromatic is the more cost-effective choice for roof restoration, it will chalk from UV exposure. Aliphatic will not chalk or degrade in UV light.

Harsh Conditions: While urethanes are a more expensive option than many roof coatings, they are able to resist salt, acids and hydrocarbons. They make sense for roofs that are exposed to harsh industrial conditions.

A Cool Roof: Urethanes offer similar reflectivity to that of white acrylic coatings and can help increase energy savings.

In business since 1985, ROOFCORP has vast experience with urethane roof coatings and partners with only the best vendors, ensuring exceptional quality and customer satisfaction for years to come.

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