Drive Savings by Coating Your Vehicular Deck

Multi-story parking structures are an integral part of modern life, and must be clean, safe and welcoming.

Waterproofing the exposed concrete surfaces prevents water ingress through the decks that can lead to unsightly damp and cracked, spalling concrete, slippery floors and damaging alkaline salts dripping onto cars. It also prevents headaches and expensive repair bills down the road.

For how long? That depends on the amount of wear and tear to the coating.

All vehicular deck surfaces wear with traffic, even concrete. As a general rule, a heavily-used deck at a shopping mall will have a maintenance-free life expectancy of about half a decade in the high-wear ramps and turn areas and about seven to 10 years in general parking spaces.

Low-use parking decks, such as those at an apartment complex, may last twice as long.

Urethane deck coating systems are known for their high performance and heavy-duty wear resistance. When applied to concrete surfaces they create a durable, seamless, water tight membrane with many benefits, including:

  • Resists More Than Water:  Protects surfaces from damage caused by UV exposure, salt, vehicle emissions and vehicle fluids. Some products are also fire resistant.
  • Hot & Cold: Elastomeric products can stretch as the coated surface warms and cools through the day and the through the seasons.
  • Minimize Disruptions: Rapid cure versions can minimize disruptions to operations.

When looking for a waterproofing system for a vehicular deck surface, consult ROOFCORP. In business for nearly 30 years, we have the expertise to help determine which system can best serve your needs and budget.

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